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Couple people wanted my avatar gif so here it is, with a couple different versions.  (Haven_trooper)  (Haven_trooper/small) (Valkyr)  (Valkyr/small)  (Nyx)  (Nyx/small)  (Saryn)  (Saryn/small)

Okay since i haven’t made a warframe animation in a while i whipped a small one real quick with valkyr. Sorry it doesn’t look so great.  (Small_breasts/1920x1080)  (Small_breasts/1280x720)  (Small_breasts/Messy/1920x1020)  (Small_breasts/Messy/1280x720)  (Bigger_breasts/1920x1080)  (Bigger_breasts/1280x720)  (Bigger_breasts/Messy/1920x1080)  (Bigger_breasts/Messy/1280x720)


GIFS  (Small_breasts/large)  (Small_breasts/Small)  (Small_breasts/Messy/Large)  (Small_breasts/Messy/Small)  (Bigger_breasts/Large)  (Bigger_breasts/Small)  (Bigger_breasts/Messy/Large)  (Bigger_breasts/Messy/Small)  (Darvo/Large)  (Darvo/Small)

Sorry for overusing valkyr it’s just the only model i have atm that doesn’t suck. :p


Anonymous asked:

Are you boy or girl?




"Are you still going to be making warframe animations?"

I’m still going to be doing warframe animations i’m just taking a little break so i don’t get sick of making them.

Well here’s another elite animation. Nothing really else to say about this.  (1920x1080)  (1280x720)  (Messy/1920x1080)  (Messy/1280x720)

Anyone know why the gfycat gifs are always broken?


Gifs  (Small)  (Slow)  (Slow/Small)  (Messy)  (Messy/Small)  (Messy/Slow)  (Messy/Small/Slow)

Stupid camera angle makes it look like the torso isn’t moving that much. (̿▀̿ ̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)̄

You can get the elite model here since people keep asking about it. You may need an account to use the site though i’m not sure.

Don’t click those links if you don’t want to see a nude elite people.  (1920x1080)  (1280x720)


GIFS  (1280x720/38.3MB)  (720x450/14.7MB)

I have no excuse for this one haha… Wow people were actually okay with this.(^u^) 

A new meaning to the term go fuck yourself. 

Sorry about the animation being confusing to look at.  (1920x1080)  (1280x720)  (1920x1080/Messy)  (1280x720/Messy)

Angle 2  (1920x1280)  (1280x720)  (1920x1080/Messy)  (1280x720/Messy)


GIFS  (Slow)  (Small)  (Small/Slow)  (Messy)  (Messy/Slow)  (Messy/Small)  (Messy/Small/Slow)

Angle2  (Small)  (Slow)  (Slow/Small)  (Messy)  (Messy/Small)  (Messy/Slow)  (Messy/Small/Slow)

Having a hard time making the other model get in the position nekros is in so there might not be an alternate version sorry about that. 

Welp i was just trying to test out the rigging on the fem nekros model and  …well… this happened. It’s just a small part of thriller but i still made so why not post it? (・。・;)  (1280x720/slow)  (1280x720/fast)  (720x405/slow)  (720x405/fast)  (Small/slow)  (Small/fast)

Gifs wouldn’t stay at the originals speed. :V

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