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Anonymous asked:

I know you probably get asked this daily but how much longer till that blowjob is done? Or did I just not see it?

I’m just slowly chipping away at that. So i don’t know when it will be done.


If you get a bit of lag on the loop try right clicking it and opening it in a new tab.  (1920x1080)   (1280x720)  (1920x1080/Cum)  (1280x720/Cum)

Sorry about the small gifs but that’s as big as i could get them without them looking like ass.  (Cum)

I couldn’t get the effect the clones have in hall of mirrors so they just look normal. :V

Just a heads up for the people who don’t know. 

Blacklist status

So has been blacklisted (yet again) at various places like Avast, I just emailed them to get it removed and did a sweep to remove as much malicious files as I could, if you get a false-positive please report it to your anti-virus vendor and/or add to your exclude list.

just in-case you cant see the picture.


Anonymous asked:

Are you going to continue to make warframe animations in the future or did you abandon it?

I don’t think i’m going to stop making warframe animations if that answers your question. 


Anonymous asked:

I know you're working on a Mechari model, but is there a chance there might also be Draken models~?

I’ll be working on the draken model after the mechari is done. Should be a whole lot easier since i don’t have to rebuild half of the model this time.  :V

Their uv maps work to so all i have to do is rig it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Since the other mechari animation is taking so long i made a different one. 

Refined the animation a bit more and added a bigger breasts version and a cum version. :V

Gfycat links are webm files                     (1920x1080)  (1280x720)  (1920x1080/Cum)  (1280x720/Cum)    (1920x1080/Big_Breasts)  (1280x720/Big_Breasts)  (1920x1080/Big_Breasts/Cum)  (1280x720/Big_Breasts/Cum)

a.pomf wont let me upload the slow versions for some reason.  (1280x720)  (720x405)  (1280x720/Cum)  (720x405/Cum)  (1280x720/Big_Breasts)  (720x405/Big_Breasts)  (1280x720/Big_Breasts/Cum)  (720x405/Big_Breasts/Cum)

Mp4s loop fine when you download them. (1920x1080) (1920x1080/Cum) (1920x1080/Big_Breasts) (1920x1080/Big_Breasts/Cum)  


OLD LINKS  (1920x1080)  (1280x720)  (1280x720) (1280x720/slower)  (720x405)  (720x405/slower) (1920x1080) (1280x720) 

inb4 “metal doesn’t jiggle huuuuuurrrr.”

Still working on the sfw and nsfw versions of the mechari model btw.

Touched up an old animation i never posted for filler content while i animate the mechari thing.

Hope you guys like fem pyro. :p

Looks like nobody really likes it. oh well. ┐( °ー ° )┌ Wow this emote linked to someones steam page… WTF (1920x1080)  (1280x720) (1280x720) (720x405)

Mp4s loop fine when you download them.  (1920x1080)   (1280x720)

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