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A request from a loooooooong time ago. I screwed this one up a lot of times so hopefully it came out okay.  (1920x1080/pov)  (1280x720/pov)  (1920x1080/side_view)  (1280x720/side_view)

Please don’t use the gfycat gifs they are broken. 


Top right there is a button to download the gifs.  (1280x720/pov)  (720x405/pov)  (1280x720/side_view)  (720x405/side_view)

Animation based off this w.i.p drawing by   check em out.

Gfycat links are webm files  (1920x1080/Glowing) (1280x720/Glowing)  (1920x1080/Glowing/Cum)  (1280x720/Glowing/Cum)  (1920x1080/No_Glow)  (1280x720/No_Glow)  (1920x1080/No_Glow/Cum)  (1280x720/No_Glow/Cum) 

———————————————————————  (1920x1080/Glowing)  (1280x720/Glowing)  (720x405/Glowing)  (1920x1080/Glowing/Cum)  (1280x720/Glowing/Cum)  (720x405/Glowing/Cum)  (1920x1080/No_Glow)  (1280x720/No_Glow)  (720x405/No_Glow)  (1920x1080/No_Glow/Cum)  (1280x720/No_Glow/Cum)  (720x405/No_Glow/Cum)  

——————————-BETA RELEASE——————————-

Since the mechari model is going to take forever to finish i though i would do a sort of pre release thing. Still a lot of things to fix.

This model doesn’t have any facial flexes atm. Also feel free to send me a message if you find anything wrong with the model.

Works with rig_biped_simple

Yep. Gfycat links are .webm files.  (1920x1080)  (1280x720)  (1920x1080/Body_Armor)  (1280x720/Body_Armor)  (1920x1080/Fully_armored)  (1280x720/Fully_armored)


GIFS  (1920x1080)  (1280x720)  (720x405)  (1920x1080/Body_Armor)  (1280x720/Body_Armor)  (720x405/Body_Armor)  (1920x1080/Fully_armored)  (1280x720/Fully_armored)  (720x405/Fully_armored)

Okay i decided to make a quick animation before i left for a bit. Sorry if it isn’t so great didn’t have a lot of time. (1920x1080)  (1280x720) (1280x720)  (720x405)

And before someone asks no this isn’t the other blowjob animation i was working on.

Stop using the gfycat gifs people they don’t work!


Anonymous asked:

Are you actually making progress with the mechari blowjob? Because it's been a long time since you started working on it...

The more you ask the less i want to work on that…

I also have to redo some of the face rigging so i have to replace the model in the animation. (That’s not that hard btw)

.2  ”Is Tumblr the only place you post your stuff?” ~Anon



Anonymous asked:

I know you probably get asked this daily but how much longer till that blowjob is done? Or did I just not see it?

I’m just slowly chipping away at that. So i don’t know when it will be done.


If you get a bit of lag on the loop try right clicking it and opening it in a new tab.  (1920x1080)   (1280x720)  (1920x1080/Cum)  (1280x720/Cum)

Sorry about the small gifs but that’s as big as i could get them without them looking like ass.  (Cum)

I couldn’t get the effect the clones have in hall of mirrors so they just look normal. :V

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